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Z przyjemnością chcemy podzielić się wiadomością, że w tym tygodniu otworzyliśmy nowe biuro przy ulicy Spokojnej 2 w Lublinie. Zadbaliśmy o każdy szczegół: przestronne i komfortowo wyposażone pomieszczenia, chillout roomy ze stołem billardowym, duży taras i jeszcze więcej – wszystko, by umilić dzień w pracy. W Lublinie czekamy właśnie na Ciebie! Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany pracą […]


Miło nam podzielić się wiadomością, że w tym miesiącu zarejestrowaliśmy japońską spółkę Sollers Consulting. Rynek japoński to nie tylko wielki potencjał, ale również ogromne możliwości. W związku z tym poszukujemy Agile ninjas, którzy wesprą nas w naszym nowym projekcie! Jeżeli: – jesteś osobą kreatywną, która zna język japoński, – chcesz pracować w obszarze IT/Biznesu i […]


Code Europe – jedna z największych konferencji programistycznych w Polsce – już jutro po raz pierwszy w Poznaniu! Jeśli chcesz rozwinąć swoje umiejętności i wiedzę, poznać najnowsze technologie i spotkać się z najlepszymi specjalistami IT – nie możesz tego przegapić. Jako Sollers mamy zaszczyt być częścią tego wydarzenia , dlatego już dziś serdecznie zapraszamy: odwiedź nasze […]

Moja kariera w Sollers
Name: Romina
Age: 29
Position: Business Analyst & Scrum Master
At Sollers since: 2017
Office: Cologne
Favourite Sollers Place: Table Soccer Room in Cologne

My First Days at Sollers

After earning my master’s degree in economics, I came across Sollers Consulting when looking for an entry job. The advertised position of “Business Analyst” caught my attention and after a quick and transparent recruitment process, I was able to start my journey with Sollers in November 2017.

I spent my first few days in the Warsaw headquarter to attend different workshops designed to help new colleagues understand the inner workings of the company. For me and the others who’d just joined the company, it was a great way to learn more about what Sollers stands for and to meet the colleagues I would be working with in the future.

“Learning by doing”

Modern Sollers Office

Back in Cologne, I focused on internal trainings, learning about technical and analytical topics alike, needed for our daily work. For a rookie like me it was a lot of information at once, but like everyone else in the company I was assigned my own, personal coach to support me in various matters. This coaching model builds on the idea of more experienced colleagues guiding and assisting newcomers during their onboarding and beyond. For me, it was a great relief as I knew I always had someone to talk to and someone who I know will guide me through my career.After completing my trainings, I joined my first project as a so-called “Shadow” in the German city of Hannover. By trailing my colleagues, I learned all about Agile Project Management and what each role in such a project means. Embracing the idea of “learning by doing”, I was fully included in the team from day one, taking responsibility for my own tasks and supporting developers by working directly in the implemented systems. After about 5 weeks of working as a shadow and getting acquainted with the most important processes, I was assigned to my first real project – to my surprise to one that had recently started in Tokyo, Japan.

いざ、東京へTokyo – Here I come!

When I joined Sollers, the company had only four offices, one in Cologne and three in Poland. Most of the projects were therefore located in these areas, so I was expecting that travelling would be limited to Germany (which is still true in most cases). Getting the opportunity to participate in the company’s project launch for Japan, especially after such a short transition time, was a great surprise. As I speak Japanese and have already been to Tokyo for an internship before, I was especially happy to return to this vibrant city!

On my way to Tokyo

Throughout 2018 I travelled to Tokyo several times to work on-site with the client and my colleagues. As this was my first real project, it was very challenging to adapt to my new roles and responsibilities in the beginning. However, with guidance and help of my colleagues, I grew more confident and was able to adapt quickly to the new challenges. One of these challenges was taking over the role of a Scrum Master in one of the project teams, while simultaneously acting as analyst and tester when needed. I really like the fact that the entire organization works agile, but don’t worry – you don’t need to be an Agile Expert to join Sollers as you’ll be onboarded to this project management style organically. Due to the size of the project we generally had a lot of teams responsible for different areas. To make every team stand out, we had lots of fun coming up with unique, Japanese-styled names for each of them – ours was called “Origami”, another one “Godzilla”. Being abroad itself posed no problem, as I spent every weekend going on trips and meeting up with other Sollers. One major highlight was for sure the cherry blossom! From time to time, those meet-ups were even sponsored by the company. Such integration events are standard in Sollers Consulting and a great opportunity to facilitate the communication and kinship within the team. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole team spirit in the company and among colleagues to be much stronger and more familiar than I initially expected.

What’s next?

Since I started working for Sollers in 2017, I’ve seen the company grow both in size and international presence. Apart from opening a new office in Tokyo, several international projects have been launched – in the U.S., Brazil, Denmark, or Belgium to name a few. Based on the current direction Sollers is heading, I expect the company to become a more prominent and well-known player in the insurance sector, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will develop in the upcoming years and how I can be part of that. I am excited about my future projects and I am looking forward to new tasks and adventures!